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Here is the folder structure of our template's style directory.

  ├── layouts
  ├── libs
  ├── mixin
  ├── pages
  ├── skins
  ├── user-custom
  ├── vuetify
  ├── _utilities.scss
  └── index.scss
  • layouts: This directory contains essential styles for core layouts. It's advised not to modify these files, as doing so could potentially disrupt the template's UI integrity.
  • libs : Inside this directory, you'll find style files associated with various libraries.
  • vuetify: In this directory, you'll come across Vuetify variables and style files that play a crucial role in seamlessly integrating the Vuetify framework into the template.
  • Skins: This directory encompasses two distinct style files: classic, modern, decent and Border. These styles define our template's contemporary and traditional visual approaches.
  • user-custom: For personalized customization and unique styling, utilize the files within this folder.